Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Let's Play A Game!

Today's game is: How Mentally Ill Is Stef?

A. Totally Sane B. A Little Nutty C. Ok, Stay Away From Me D. What color pads do you prefer for your walls?

So, I actually think about jumping out of windows and walking in front of cars. Also, I have this thing, where I become someone else. I can't tell you her name, because she wouldn't like that and if her husband found out I was writing about this, he might get a little upset. The press might get a hold of this, too, and her career would be over. That would be tragic because I'd have nothing to do on my vacations and weekends. Her kids are great. The oldest one turned 17 not too long ago. And the twins are great too, although a bit annoying sometimes. I might add, the sex is really great; they do it like rabbits: at least once a day, sometimes three or four times. Too bad they don't get freaky, unless you count the other day when they did it on the dresser. That was some really awesome sex.

Anyway, back to the other me...Trick-or-treat is tonight in my dorm. AHHH!!! Children! I've come to realize the only good ones are your own and/or relatives. Once they can talk, they are horribly annoying with the "Why?" shit and before that, you have no idea what they want when they scream and cry. The only reason they're on this earth is so people can go on wellfare and suck the money from us peeps who work. Also, I hear they make pretty good entrees...

So...if you haven't guessed it, the answer to the question is: D.

Thanks for playing today's round!

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