Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bored as Oak!

lol ok heres my idea: what if inspector gadget had a device that shot gadget from rescue rangers out of his urethra. he'd be all "go go gadget gadget" and then people would be like "yo dawg why ya studderin" and inspector gadget would be like "dohhhhh" but then he'd go "go go gadget machette!" and then the other guy would be all "oh noo!!" and then inspector gadget would go "go go gadget last laugh!" then laugh and blow him up but I'm not sure why he would want gadget to shoot out of his urethra thats the thing im trying to iron out otherwise what do you think lol :D PLZ REVIEW IN COMMENTS SECTION

(ps the machette is a special kind of machete that blows up)
Ok, so the above quote is from my cousin's blog...I know what you're thinking, "What the fuck is wrong with that kid?" Well the simple answer is, he's a Baker. Like me.

Ok, well its been a really long time since I have posted if I remember correctly. I don't really know what to talk about right now but I was bored like always so wth, I'll post in my blog because I am a stupid emo bitch. Yeah, a little harsh on myself, but I dont' fuckin care, do you fuckin care? cuz I don't fuckin care.

I'm going to the Mall tomorrow with Squeebo and Aaryn. She came up from Florida since it is no more. Yeah, she's had like a week of classes because there have been 3 hurricanes. I was so happy!!! We also went to Perkins when I went home last weekend. I got Peanut Butter Silk pie which was very good and inexpensive (two very good things for a college student) but with the first bite I could feel my teeth start to rot. Squeebs totally got a tattoo of the Power Up mushroom from Super Mario Brothers. It's pretty cool. She has almost convinced me to get one also. Of a foot print. But not on my ass.

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Rae said...

Its good to see my brother gets around