Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Weird Ass Dream

So, you already know that I couldn't sleep last night from my previous post. I had a weird ass dream. It's kinda hard to remember everything about it, becuase sometimes I just can't remember them. But here goes...what I remember:

I'm a boy andI'm at some sort of thing where you need to solve brain teasers to move into the next room. If you don't, then you get thrown into another room that is wrong and you have to go back to go forward. Well, my male friend and I were the only ones smart enough to make it to the end, but the owner of the place didn't want anyone to make it through. We were outside walking past a merry-go-round when we heard a voice yell, "Hey! You were supposed to die in the sand!!" We look and see these guys chasing us. Well, we see two pretty women sitting on a ledge and my buddy wants to stop and say hello. It turns out they are Farrah Fawcet(sp?) and Jacklyn Smith. (yes, Charlie's Angels) Smith says, "We've got to stop him!" I morph back into female me and I'm like, "I'll be Sabrina. No one knows who she is anyway!" We start running along the cement sidewalk and it starts turning into sand. It all comes together. We solved the puzzle and the owner was suppose to launch us into quicksand but it malfunctioned and we made it through. Well, to escape the quicksand, we jump onto a wall of movies - like you would see at Blockbuster. I find a movie called something like "Hitler's Untold Method: Quicksand." I hold it up and say, "It's Hitler!!!" Everything stops. The sand stops coming and the people no longer try to kill us "angels." When everything is over, we three angels are hanging out with Bosley when my male friend comes back up to me with another male. They won't give me high fives for saving them because I'm a girl now.

Then I woke up. What the hell?

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Rae said...

this dream shit must run in the family. Hitler? WTF?