Thursday, August 12, 2004


Today I am so tired. I was up all night formatting disks for college. I finally went to bed at 2 am. Around 3:45 am I awoke because I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Then I woke up at 7 am again because I was suppose to go shopping with my mom around 9. I finally rolled out of bed around 8:45. The fucking road crew started at 8 so I had to listen to that shit all morning. My arm hurt like hell from the shots I got, and I couldn't move it very much.

My mom finally came at like 8:47. I had to rush to get dressed and I had to eat my breakfast in the car. Then, since they were paving the road, we had to go around the block, which is a huge block and took us like 30 minutes out of our way. We made it to the bank after what seemed like hours. I finally made it to the store. I needed to buy underwear so I did. I also had to buy laundry supplies and I did.

When I got home, I had to go get Aaryn so we could hang out on this my last day in Meadville. We watched Practical Magic. I really like that movie. Then I took her home and by that time I was so exhausted, I practically slept through Rocko's Modern Life. I was awake for Any Day Now, though, cause there's no way I could sleep through that.

When I finally had the chance to sleep, Kristi came by to take my out to dinner since I was leaving. I've only seen her three times this whole summer and she used to basically live with me. I guess that has something to do with her drunk ass boyfriend and the fact that she is 8 months pregnant. We went to Chinese and then to some other stores so she could look at baby shit. What fun...

Now I am home and I want to sleep but I have to pack tons o' shit for my vacation that starts tomorrow. I also have to pack everything for college by tomorrow...Oooh!! More fun...

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