Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I'm wearing new pants right now. They're too long and too big around. But not big enough around to get a smaller size. I hate that.

I went to the doctor today for my college physical. I had to get 2 shots today. Tetanus and meningitis. The doctor is like retarded. He was like "petsathome?" Like it was one word and I just looked at him and after a few seconds of decoding, I said no. Then he was like, "Since you're 18 you should probably get a papsmear and cervical scrape." Hmm. Nothing is more thrilling then thinking about having that done. After he left, I told my mom, "Oooh. Let's schedule that for tomorrow, cause I can't wait to have my scrape done. He also told me I could "drop a few pounds" and that it would help with my mild scoliosis that I found out I had today. The first thing that came to my mind was, "OK. I'll take that advice from you since you're so svelt." Yeah, he was like twice my size.

My arm hurts like hell. The one that was suppose to hurt doesn't and the one that wasn't suppose to does. I have to stop writing becuase my left wrist is getting sore and I don't know if its from the shot or not.

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Rae said...

scrapes are fun, i especially like when they make you take your pants off and wrap yourself in a wad of that stupid paper on the bed