Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I Need To Bitch

I am having insanely excrutiating pain in my lower abdomen and can not sleep, so what the hell? I'll blog.

I need some sleeping pills or something. This is crazy. I haven't fallen asleep pre-1 am in weeks. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.

I wanted to buy a handbag and found one that I really really liked about two minutes ago on some site. It was only $5. Awesome!!! But, there is a minimum of a $150 purchase and if you don't reach it, there is a $15 fee. So much for that...The total came to $30 after shipping/handling/fee. How shittay. I still want one though. Maybe I will go to the shoe store and get one there. They're on sale. Melissa got one, so why not. I bought the most comfy shoes in the world there the other day for only $19.95. I love them so much, only thing is, you can only wear them with certain clothes. So I've been wearing jeans in the 90 degree weather so I can wear them. Or I'll throw on a skirt.

I just killed a fly on my monitor. How gross. I had to spit on a tissue and clean it along with my hand on account of that is what I killed it with.

I'm watching All in the Family. I have nothing else to do but watch "classic TV" on TV Land. I'm so glad we have this channel. If I couldn't watch Green Acres, I don't know what I'd do. Yes I do. I'd watch them on the DVD of season one I got for my birthday. Yes. I am a loser. I have weird-ass DVDs and I don't care.

1. Find $6000 in the next...About 5 days.
2. Get approx. $9000 for a breast reduction.
3. Find some way to stop the insanely excrutiating pain in my lower abdomen.
4. Get some sleeping pills.
5. Pack everything I own into boxes to move. I have a week for that one.
6. Make my friend a CD by Thursday aka tomorrow. Because she's moving on Saturday.
7. Find money to pay the doctor for the shot I am receiving to go to the shitty college I no longer wish to attend.
I guess that's all for now. I'm sure more will come up.

So my eyes are burning from staring at the screen but I'm not tired.

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