Thursday, August 05, 2004

I dunno what to title this

Ok. What the hell was up with me last night? I can't believe I wrote about birth control and the Cosby show for Christ's sake.

I'm downloading a CD right now.

I was reading a magazine about going off to college and realized, I'm going to fail. I'm never going to sleep and I'm going to have no social life. I guess as the move-in day draws nearer, I'm getting a little excited. Plus, my friend said we can hang out on the weekends sometimes.

I checked my college e-mail the other day and had about 12 death notices and another today. What the hell? Nothing informative or anything, but death notices about people I don't know.

Today I had lasagna. It was really good. I wish we had eggs because that's what I wanted for breakfast. I went through this folder of shit from college and realized that nothing was important aside from my schedule.

I did laundry today. Three loads to be exact, but one was only a comforter and a sock that I missed in the first two loads.

My dad and I went to a parade today to see my cousin twirl baton. It was fun and I got a Dum Dum. It's a Mystery flavor, but unfortunately, it's grape.

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Rae said...

grape sucks ass