Monday, August 02, 2004

Horrible Evening

We were suppose to get Aaryn from work at 6:30 so I rushed to Melissa's house. The movie started at 7:50. We pull into the parking lot at 6:32 and she's not there. OK, maybe she's just closing up. We'll give her ten minutes. At 7:05 we leave the parking lot without her to get gas. We get back and she's still not out there. It's now 7:10 and we have 40 minutes til the movie starts. It take 45 minutes to get to the theater. Finally she calls us and says "I'll be right out." She gets in the car at 7:15 and we speed off to the theater. Going approxiamately 20 mph over the speed limit of 65, we make it in time. The previews had started, but who cares about those. Every movie previewed looked stupid anyway.

The movie sucked total ass. It was boring and not very scary for a horror movie. When we get back into our own town, Aaryn asks Melissa for some of the movies she borrowed back. Well, they live pretty far apart, so M's just like "I'll get them to you next time I come to Dave's house." (Dave is her boyfriend.) Not liking this answer, she asks me, "Well can you drop them off tomorrow on your way home?" Me: "I'm not staying at Melissa's tonight. I'm getting my car and going home." Her: "Well can you drop them off tonight?" (Remember, this was after the two hour movie and the 45 minute drive home, so it's late.) Me: "I'm not going into the apartment, just getting my car and leaving." Her: "Fine, I'll get them later." Then she gets out at her house.

As soon as she slams the door shut, we talk. "Why does she need them right now? Like 12 more hours is gonna kill her. She's not gonna watch them tonight anyway." "Her mom said I could keep them as long as I needed."

We get to her house, and I really was gonna just leave but we were all hungry because none of us ate dinner in the rush to pick Aaryn up from work. So I ate a sandwich and watched "The Assitant."

I drive home and get to my front door. There are bugs/moths covering it and of course, I get attacked. There are no lights on in the house so I have to feel around for a switch.'s not the right one. Then I stumble through my pitch black house, trying not to wake my dad, to my room. Once there, I realize that the light was switched off and I have to basically crawl across my floor so I don't die to get to the fan to turn on the light. Now I'm sitting at my computer doing absolutely nothing because I can't sleep.

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Rae said...

i cant sleep either lately grrr..i wke up and sit at the comp and no one is on so i just stare