Monday, August 09, 2004


Ok, so it’s been a few days since I updated. I was preoccupied with the loss of my best friend. She didn’t die, she moved: across the country. It was so sad. I left her apartment and I got about a mile away and waterworks. I am gonna she her at Christmas, but still. “Melissa, why did you have to go to Florida???”

I have been spending my time with piracy, packing, and cleaning. I need to pack everything I own for College, which starts in two weeks and two days. And I need to pack for my fun filled vacation to the Outer Banks. My room looks like hell since everything is just thrown around and shit. My dad is moving his office into it when I leave so it has to be halfway decent.

My roommate called me the other night, but we couldn’t talk because there was a bat in my house and we were trying to get it out. We finally did, like an hour later. I hope she doesn’t hate me because of the way I was on the phone. I did apologize later in an email explaining everything. It was weird having her call. She spelled my name wrong in the email, but that’s ok cause I’ll fix her of that later. I hate it. It’s only been 18 years; you’d think people would be able to see that my name is spelled with an “f” and not a “ph.” Especially when it’s right in front of them. Seriously, when I write “Hi, I’m Stefanie, your roommate,” is it really that hard to see that f? I don’t think so. But it’s ok for now.

I don’t really know what to write about. Nothing has happened. I lost my physical form for school and if I don’t find it, I can’t go to college. Great. I told my mother, “Don’t give it to me, I’ll lose it.” So what does she do? She gives it to me and I lose it. I can’t even get another one, since my physical is in two days.

I went to another graduation party on Saturday. It was kinda boring. Katherine and I left to get ice cream from McDonald’s. It was good and only $1.06. I am very happy with that since I had about $2 in my wallet. She says I have the softest skin she’s ever felt. She sat there feeling my face all evening. It was weird, but I don’t care. There was this other girl there, Jera, what a bitch she is. I’ve hated her for like 3 years. She is so annoying and bitchy. Unfortunately, she’s “dating” my friend. I hope she doesn’t end up hanging around my campus because he’s going there too. I wanted to push her in the pull and drown her. I really can not stand her. She was always trying to steal Melissa’s boyfriend and have sex with him. To quote Rae, “id like nothing more than for her to be gang raped by a bunch of black transvestite aids patients.” Oh wait, she’d probably like it since she’s into sex a lot.


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Rae said...

you should quote me more often, it makes your blog more interesting. I feel whole now