Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Another Shitty Evening

I discovered yesterday as I was looking at my updated tuition bill that I got nothing, not one cent, from FAFSA. My school, that I didn't know I was accepted to yet, has a deadline one month before the FAFSA deadline. But, I filed the damn thing in April and I never got my PIN to sign it until almost a month later - after the school's deadline. WTF!!! It even said Family Contribution: $175. That's great, but my bill is for $6000. So now, I desperately need money fast. We think we can get it down to $622 with a deferment. I even tried to become a surrogate mother for my friend, but they don't have enough money to pay me.

On a lighter note, I am eating some scrumptious Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli. MMMMMMM!!! the chicken sucks, kinda taste like...i dunno, dirt

I can't wait for next Friday. Even though it is the 13th. Well, actually I can't wait for the 14th. That's when the party starts!! I'm hittin' the beach and staying in a very nice condo. Eventhough I'll be with my family, I'll think I'll have a super good time. I have to pack. I don't want to. I'm sick of packing things. It sucks. I need to know who my roommate is so I know what to pack. I hope she is like, "I am super rich, but not snotty, and I will buy a refrigerator for us. I enjoy watching the same movies as you! We are going to be great friends. And you can come visit my condo in the Florida Keys sometime." Yeah, like that'll ever happen...

Melissa leaves soon...like on Saturday and it's Tuesday. NO!!!!! I don't want her to go. Maybe I will transfer to a college in South Carolina so I'll be closer and I won't have to hate the school I'm going to. I already do and haven't started yet. Hopefully it will be better when I get there. I hope I find some people like her. Then I will not be lonely.

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