Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Another Dream...

This is from awhile ago...let me explain some things. Mrs. Farkas was my French teacher 9-11 grade and she lives around the corner from me. Cheri Oteri is my favorite cast member on SNL. Blooming Valley is the small town where I live. Melissa's car is a shitty little toyota tercel with about 1000000000 miles on it. I don't really know, but its bad. Soloman Haas is some kid from my school. Baker's is a grocery store that my g-ma used to own.

Melissa and I were in Blooming Valley with her car and there was a field behind the Farkas' house. We were like “How fast can this car go; let's check in this field.”

So, we're done and she has to push it back to the road. Instead of going with her, I walk down someone's sidewalk. I see a man running like holy hell and he drops his wallet. I pick it up. There's no I.D. and a lot of cash so I take it back to my work place, Baker's.

The wallet was strange - it was huge and had pictures of peoples’ heads on the front.

I turn to my boss and was like "Do you know who's this is? I'm gonna call the cops."

She was like "No. You really don't know whose this is? It belongs to (I don't remember his name), the gangster."

I was like “Wow, so what do I do?”

Well, later that evening, there's a show in Baker's and a party in the house part so we're all partying. The strange thing is that not only friends, but Maplewood and Meadville people were there. Cheri Oteri was my boss. Well, everything's cool until the gangster pops in carrying a picnic basket and says, “Make me a tomato sandwich and give me the wallet and I won’t kill you.”

So I'm standing there at a counter with two pieces of bread. I open the fridge and I asked him if he wanted mayonnaise, ranch, Italian, or what. Then, all the people come into the room and he starts slaughtering people. He only uses knives and scissors. And he makes sure I see all of the people die.

Well, there is blood everywhere and I’m somehow out of the room and when I come back, Melissa is lying on the floor still alive. In fact she's the only one left. So I’m like "Stay there. He'll kill you if you move." I go back to the counter and I’m like, “Do you want ham too.” He says yes and I start piling stuff on it. Then, he hands me a tomato, and says he only likes fresh ones so he brought his own. I don't have a knife on me so I need to get into the drawer he's standing in front of.

A little girl, perhaps 9, comes out and stupid me. I put her in front of my face so he doesn't kill me. He stabbed her in the back and she just hangs there from his knife until he throws her on the pile of other people. Solomon Haas reaches up and stabs him in the leg but he gets killed too.

Then, I kinda wake up, but, when I fell asleep later:

I see him fall from a gun shot in the side and Melissa jumped up from the couch she somehow got on and gives me one of those horror movie survival hugs.

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Rae said...

that is one of the best dreams i have ever heard..where was gma?