Thursday, July 08, 2004

not a fitting title

"My Awesomely Boring Life" is not an appropriate title these days. I was just on a month vacation to Germany and Florida. I took notes each day on what I did in Germany. Let's see, I went to Legoland - very awesome, castles, and other sweetass things around the country. My family tried to get Melissa and I drunk all the time because the age is 16 unlike the shitty 21 over here. Ooh, I just remembered we went to one of the largest zoos in the world. It was so awesome. I haven't gotten any film developed yet because three days after my return I left for Florida.

Daytona was ok, but very hot. And being from PA, too hot could be 80 degrees, but it was like 95 all the time. I missed a lot of things that happened with my family, like a garage sale, well 2, and the 4th of July picnic. I did get one good thing out of missing them, there were no fireworks in the shitty little town we live in, but there were tons in Daytona. Unfortunately, I got sunburnt on day one, ok day 3 of vacation, but it took two to get there so I just count it as day 1.

The second day, the day we got there and got our condo room:
*we had been driving for 8 hours
*the woman at the desk wouldn't let us in our room becuase we are not 21
*we made 1200 phone calls to try and get in, but she's an old decrepit bitch
*we walked a mile down the beach to eat dinner - ok, not bad
*it started torrential downpour as we were walking back down the beach to the condo, i stepped on something that looked like an alligator skull, but it was 945 pm so i have no idea what it was
*we were locked out of the pool area to get to the front desk, great now we're soaked, tired, AND pissed
*we called someone to check in for us, but he was busy so we had to wait - the desk closes at 10pm - at 950 she locked the doors leaving us outside in the pouring rain asking us if we had shelter and when saying "well, we have a car" she said "oh, ok"
*he got there and she had highlighted all this shit on the paper about no refunds adn being 21 eventhough it said for non owners, and we were owners, and the refund thing was about cancellations, and "we weren't FUCKING cancelling!!!" (actual quote from the evening)

maybe i will write more about my lovely time, maybe not, i don't know. I think I may be getting carpal tunnel from using a computer too much

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