Wednesday, June 02, 2004

‘oh look a needle. i think ill touch it.’

disney movies are also one of my many, many gripes. they teach kids that what ever you want you can get which as i have discovered is not true at all. ill take peter pan as an example first. he doesn’t want to grow up so he goes to neverland, where boys don’t have to grow up. then he can fly. with the help of some pixie dust. pixies don’t even exist. i know your saying well its just a cartoon movie. i don’t care. little kids learn from what they see. and then at the end, the boat turns gold from the pixie dust and flies away. that is physically impossible. a boat cannot fly. and the kids get kidnapped by the indians and don’t get scalped they just share the peace pipe with them. and the pirates. come on they would have definitely had to walk the plank or got shot. i know i know its just a movie. next ill use the little mermaid 2. in the first one ariel wants to become a human to be with eric. she does then the seawitch(umm no) fights her and her dad turns her into a human for good. when she then leaves her entire family and all her friends to be with her boyfriend. then in the second one- her daughter wants to be a mermaid. ok she goes to the seawitch’s sister(like i said no) and becomes a mermaid. she then gets trapped in a thing like a cave i think. ariel turns back in to a mermaid to help her and then they both become and stay humans. like if she wanted to be a mermaid why doesn’t she become one for good. it just doesn’t make sense. how about in the first one when the coral spells out fuc yu. hello. kids notice small things like that. even if its only for a few seconds. and in the lion king when simba falls into the grass after talking to timon and pumbaa, he yells, ‘you said you’d always be there for me’ and falls. the leaves and flowers that fly spell out sex. im not the one who noticed these so don’t think that’s how i spend my time. someone pointed these out to me. and another thing about the lion king those hyenas would have eaten their cub asses. and there’s no way that zazu would have survived after being sat on by a rhino. and when scar took over the pride lands the females could have taken over the pride. cause i mean there was like one scar and like twenty or so women. us females have power damn it. and i wish men wouldn’t take us for granted. they think women are only here for sex and to make more men. so they go out and hunt and sit at bars while women are at home taking care of the screaming kids that they made because women are only good for that. we also have to do laundry, cook, clean the house and make sure our husbands get to work on time. since we cant work. men are definitely the dominate sex and it pisses me off. i mean like a woman and a man go out for the same promotion. the woman has had three years of experience with five years of college at a middle level school. the man started a few months ago but went to a high level school for six years. the man will get chosen because one he’s a man and two he went to a more expensive college. he had better education according to the guy hiring him. the woman will then be hired as his secretary. he relies on her to meet all the deadlines and all the other important stuff because he cant do it and she wants to save his ass. she then gets caught doing all the work after two years of this. he gets fired and she gets promoted. its sad but it happens and not just in movies. back to disney. i love this movie, its my favorite disney movie but i have to. its beauty and the beast. first off the librarian gives her the book he just gives it to her. unless they were the best of friends or related or something im not seeing that happen. i know i would never just give a book away to my best friend. then the horse is walking through the woods and he gets scared. its wolves. the wolves scare the horse and it runs away. it just happens to know the way back to its house after getting lost. no. i don’t even know any horses that know the way home when they’re not lost. and i know they’re under a spell, but candlesticks and clocks and spoons, etc. don’t sing and dance. and how do they always all know the words. like in almost every movie that has singing. for example grease. they out of nowhere ask sandy what she did this summer and they start singing summer nights. every one knows the words. they just met this girl and they all know. its not like they could rehearse or anything. anyway. and belle falls in love with this beast who kidnapped her father and locked her in a room and refused to let her eat because she wouldn’t eat with him. and it just happened to be the time when the last petal fell off his rose. and the people from the village all go to the castle to kill him, that’s a good thing to teach kids. lets kill the beast. i know i don’t want my kids subjected to this kind of violence. they say that kids watch to much violence but they put it in children’s movies. how is that supposed to help kids get away from seeing violence. but its an obvious thing that my kids, if i ever have any, will watch all disney movies because that’s a part of being young. i also enjoy the movie sleeping beauty. but she goes upstairs in that tower and sticks her finger on a spinning wheel. who does that? i know i don’t go into unknown places and just prick my finger on spinning wheels. its like ‘oh look a needle. i think ill touch it.’ no i don’t think so. aladdin is next. im not gonna go through them all but just the ones i see fit. he finds a genie who gives him every thing he wants. and his last wish is to set the genie free. i understand they became friends but i know that if everyone in a state found a genie only about .4 percent would wish for the genie to be free. if that many. i certainly wouldn’t. but i guess that would just mean i was selfish. and how would a princess fall in love with ‘prince ali’ after seeing him once. they get married ok so every movie has a happy ending. and the last one is the parent trap. i don’t think there is anyway that twins separated at birth would miraculously meet at a camp 11 or 12 years later. one is all rich and is from england. why would she go to a summer camp in the us. then they work out a plan to switch places and learn everything about each other and get their parents to meet and fall in love again. and what is the possibility of them still looking the same you know neither one has braces or glasses. im guessing the probability of them meeting is about one million to one. if not higher like a billion or something. but there’s always that one chance.

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