Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It's 9 am on my summer vacation...GAH!!!

So morning has come again. Someone I was talking to said she looked like someone threw up her on. Well, I feel like the one who did it. Internet Explorer sucks. I can't handle 508 popups/hr. My trip is approaching and I'm starting to get a little excited and nervous. I wish that I could post what I do every day, but my family in Germany doesn't have a computer. I guess I will do it when I return home. I think that I have slight psychic powers. I have predicted the Super Bowl winner two years in a row. Also, I know what people are gonna say or do before they say or do it. I'm listening to Big Pimpin' by Jay-Z. I love rap and hip hop. People find that hard to believe because, well, first off I'm white. Second, I'm a really quiet, keep to myself kinda gal. Third, I'm a girl. I don't know but it seems that people are amazed that I listen to like Ludacris and Snoop Dogg. (Who I might add are awesome!!!) I use proper grammar and hate when people don't. I use big words like 'perhaps.' I guess that makes people think I'm against such things as "I wanna li- li- li- lick you from your head to your toes" (Ludacris!!) Also, I used to love country. But no...that stage of my life has passed. I mean I still listen to some. My favorite kind of Kool-aid is Watermelon Kiwi. It's really cool because the powder is whitish with pink and green specks. Then, when you add water it turns green. I can and do drink gallons a day. Hey, it's better than pop. Here in hickville we call it pop, not soda. When I go to college, I'm going to have to take my own water. The water in the college is chlorinated. I did not know this when I visited. "Surprise! Our water tastes like crap! Enjoy!" I cleaned my room the other day and ended up throwing away about ten garbage bags full of shit that I don't need/want. My room looks damn good now. Before it looked like a six year old's dwelling. "Perhaps is not a big word," you may be thinking from reading the above statement. Well, if you went to my school, you would see that about 40% probably don't even know what the word means. Last night I thought I was having a heart attack. My left arm was tingly, but I guess it was just asleep. I had a cramp in the peace sign fingers, too. Well, I guess I'm fine seeing as how I am typing right now. I'm watching Lifetime. Those movies are so shitty. "Oh I was raped!!" *tear* I slammed my hands on the keyboard earlier from boredom and this is what I got. "hyn gt" Yeah...a work of literary art.

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Rae said...

hyn gt...hey maybe ludacris can use that one for his next single. homo