Tuesday, June 01, 2004


So...my boring life comes out in writing. I guess it's not all bad because I'm leaving for Germany in five days. That is when my super awesome summer o' fun begins.

This is day four of my summer vacation. So far I have done...nothing. j/k I had a picnic on day 2. That's it. This is probably going to be a very boring week. It had better go fast so I can get to Saturday. I want to go to grad parties.

I am 18 (finally). My birthday was May 20th. I can buy lottery tickets and drive after 11 pm!!!! Awesome. That is all I care about. The porn and cigarettes are just a plus. Not that I smoke, cause I don't. Buy I can still buy them. I graduate high school in 3 days. I'm full of mixed feelings. Nervous, super-excited, sad...I don't know whether to cry from joy or sadness. My friends are all leaving, well not all, but most. One Florida, one Boston, one is even thinking of going to college in Toronto. (BTW, these are far because I live in PA.)

So...I am an artist. Not a painter, but a writer. Basically, I start a story, then get tired of writing or run out of ideas for it, so I quit. I am a semi-finalist in a poetry contest. I really want to win because I could really use the $1000 cash prize. I'm going to college in three months and really need the money. I also sing. I made it into an auditioned girl's choir at my school. But I hate singing in front of people. If there's a group then I'm fine, but flying solo ain't gonna happen. There are two art forms that will never call my name: 1. drawing and 2. cooking. I can make Ramen noodles, mac and cheese, and microwavable things. If it says "bake" then I ignore it. Back on the shelf it goes. Also, if it's something that needs to be cooked correctly or you'll get sick (ie eggs or chicken) it had better come precooked or not at all.

Back to my SASF (super awesome summer o'fun). Like I said, I'm leaving for Germany in five days. I'll be there for 15 days. Then after four days of being home, I leave for Florida. My friends and I are getting a condo for a week. Later, in August, I'm going to another condo with my family in the Outer Banks, NC. After that it is off to college. And damn am I scared to death.

I guess this is all that's on my mind for right now. But before the day is over, I will probably have more to say.

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Rae said...

Will you sing to me? Alone you can serenade me