Thursday, June 03, 2004


I can remember sitting on the bus in first grade and turning around to see the rowdy high schoolers. They were so cool - they got to sit in the back (to a six year old, that is cool) and had tons of friends. I never thought that I would reach that stage of my life. It just seemed so far away. But now, it's happening tomorrow.

I was reading an article in the senior issue of "The Bark," my school's newspaper, by one of my friends. "Hearing" her say good-bye to everyone that she will probably never see again brought a tear to my eye. Of all my friends, there are only two I feel I miss completely. Perhaps it is because one is moving to Florida and the other to Canada (maybe). I realize that there are summer vacations and telephones and e-mail. But for some reason, I can't help being super sad. I don't know how someone can't be. I mean, life is like a book and this chapter is over. We have reached the climax and there's no going back.

For the last month, all the seniors, including me, were saying how much they wanted it to end, how much they wanted to get out of the hell hole, etc. The moment I stepped out of the school on the last day, I was relieved - a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders, all my stress headaches went away, and for the first night in four years, I slept very well. But, how happy am I that it's over? I don't really know how to answer that question. Of course I won't miss the graduation project, crowded halls, obnoxious/stupid people, grouchy teachers, note taking, and tests. But I will miss eating lunch outside with my friends, having "study" parties, even my biannual choir concerts.

All I have to say to any 2004 graduate who happens to stumble upon this is: It's been one hell of a ride.

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