Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Evening has come. Woot! Not that something exciting will happen now, but it does mean that the day is almost over. Boredom is so immense now, I want to shoot myself in the face. I was thinking that I might post that award winning poem. (well, it had better be award winning) It is so hot in my room - 80 degrees. It's only 67 outside. It has started storming, well it's off and on. There was just a rainbow. I hate storms. I have a phobia of them.

So I did the dishes today. If you knew me, you would understand why that is a big feat for me. Then I got dizzy and almost fainted so I slept. Anyway. This blog is just randomness. I just write whatever is on my mind. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense.

I decided on the perfect date: A candle lit dinner, that we don't have to go out for, and then sitting (or other) on the beach until the sun comes up. Yeah, I know cheesy and cliche like in the song I.O.U. One Galaxy by the Ataris. (download this, it's awesome) I guess I should work on getting someone to share that date with...

Here is some of my "free form bitching" as I call it because that is what it is. It's about my highschool:
Has there ever been a time in your life when you wanted to die? I mean everything you did just seemed to make you even more upset. You got frustrated easily and when someone said something to you, you wanted to bite his/her head off. This horrible thing went on for about four years during the hellish period of my life I like to call high school. There is nothing worse than waking up every morning knowing you have to enter a building that causes you so much strife.
I was so sick of tuning in to a TV show and seeing the children skip merrily to school and enjoy themselves. They would always be eating lunch outside at a picnic table or inside at a table just big enough to fit all their friends. The teachers would know everyone’s name and ask how parents and grandparents were. Classes were always full of exciting new things to learn and hands-on experiments. Everyone got along, regardless of race, religion, social class, or sexual preference.
In reality, children have to ride noisy, smelly buses for sometimes an hour to school. Bees plague the outside tables at my school and if you wish to eat indoors, you have to rush to the cafeteria to get a chair and then sit at a table where you sometimes have to hold your lunch in your lap due to lack of space. Some teachers barely know your name by the end of the year and hide it with generic phrases and gestures. They could care less how Mom and Dad are doing. TV classes were never shown as the boring lectures or educational films that were made fifty years ago that exist. Experiments turned computer simulated. Fights broke out all the time because a Jewish boy was talking to a Spanish girl. A boy would be beat up daily because his family was untraditional; his parents were gay. The rich girls would look down on the girls who had to wear the same shoes everyday or those who couldn’t afford to wear name brand clothing.
That’s the kind of school I have to deal with everyday. But the things that make it a horrible hellish place go beyond what happens at lunch and how people are treated. The curriculum is horrible. Teachers have lost the will to teach. Their lesson plans have gone from fun to let’s get this over with. It seems to me that they are only in it for the money now and don’t really care if I go into the real world knowing what the square root of 47856 is or not or who won the Civil War. School doesn’t seem to challenge the mind anymore. Teachers on television and movies always care about their students. My teachers don’t care. It’s sort of like college: learn if you want, show up if you want, sleep if you want. If a student is sleeping through a class, the teacher should do something about it.

I'm really good at complaining. I have a file on my computer intitled "Gripes." It is a six page paragraph: size 9 font, no puncuation. Perhaps I will post it sometime. In sections of course.

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